When you choose Luxetone it is because you don’t want to compromise when improving your hearing — you want to hear the best you possibly can. Luxetone provides the best products paired with world-class service to guarantee your satisfaction. Our clients are among the happiest in the industry and it is because of our extreme level of service that sets us apart from the rest. We go above and beyond to satisfy our customers, from hearing assessment to device fittings, and believe that the real work begins with aftercare.

We believe the best hearing solutions enhance and blend seamlessly with your lifestyle.

Every member of our team will take the time to focus on your situation and acknowledge your concerns. When one of our hearing specialists attentively listens to your unique needs, something remarkable happens. Our customers experience an unparalleled combination of amazing service and precise device fitting to match your lifestyle — our unmatched attention to detail makes all the difference.

In our hearing studios, Luxetone both relaxes and impresses customers with it’s sleek, modern design and state-of-the-art technology presented in a comfortable setting. Our advanced diagnostic equipment ensures the most accurate results, which helps guarantee a successful device fitting. Each bespoke hearing solution is hand-selected and personalized just for you among thousands to choose from in order to relieve you of the daunting task of choosing. We work together to select only the very best in design, comfort, features, and budget to provide real world solutions for you. Each of our specialists is a uniquely trained and highly educated hearing professional devoted to finding the optimal solution down to the smallest detail.

Luxetone’s clients benefit most from our unwavering service and support. We venture to build an honest and transparent relationship with our clients because we care about the success of each and every one of our customers. The extra time we take to ensure the hearing devices match your specific needs dramatically increases your success and satisfaction.

Luxetone makes a dedicated commitment to ensure extraordinary interactions with our team members at every point of contact. Everything we do is a meaningful part of the Luxetone Experience which helps make up the Luxetone Difference — its the deep thought and consideration like this, down to the smallest detail, that sets us apart. You are our primary goal and we strive to satisfy you from the moment you enter one of our hearing studios to the moment you depart and to offer flawless service and support that will leave a lasting impression. When you choose Luxetone, it is only the beginning of a relationship that we hope will last a lifetime — because we’re “Hear for Life” every step of the way.