Want features like Made For iPhone connectivity, wireless Bluetooth, rechargeable batteries, or nearly invisible concealed designs? You'll find all of those options and more in today's modern hearing devices. View the features below to learn more about how they can integrate with your lifestyle or continue to our products page to see the different styles available.



These are the smartest hearing devices on the market today! Made for iPhone is the latest advancement and uses Bluetooth to directly connect to your iPhone. This enables you to have enhanced control over your instruments that was not previously available. Additionally, you can stream your phone calls, music, GPS directions, and more directly to your ears!



Do you want your hearing solution to be as easy and hassle-free as possible? New hearing devices are available with the option of being rechargeable! Avoid the inconvenience of manually changing disposable batteries. Ask one of our hearing specialists about upgrading to a hearing device that is compatible with modern battery technology like lithium-ion or silver-zinc.



Enjoy the advantages of using the world's smallest hearing device available today. This latest innovation miniaturizes your instrument to the point of being completely concealed in your ear canal. Bespoke, ultra discreet and extremely comfortable — this custom hand-crafted hearing device is tailored just for your ear & your hearing loss. It's like a contact lens for your ear!