Today's modern instruments can match your lifestyle in more ways than ever. Whether that means pairing with a smartphone for enhanced functionality, using a remote for discreet & wireless control, or streaming voices in crystal clear quality directly to your hearing devices from a remote microphone — we'll help you get the most from your new devices.



Don't want the daily hassle of messing around with disposable batteries? We don't blame you! Ask our hearing care professionals about lithium-ion or silver-zinc rechargeable batteries and if they are available for your new hearing devices.


TV Streamer

Do your friends, family or even your neighbors tell you that your TV is too loud? It might be because you have an untreated hearing loss. Today's modern hearing devices can pair with a wireless TV streamer so you can listen at a comfortable & enjoyable volume — for everyone.

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Hearing Protection

Whether you're a year-round hunter, an avid concert goer or just concerned with protecting your remaining hearing — custom hearing protection is exactly what you need to protect your ears! Also available in a digital, electronic model for maximum suppression.

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Professional Audio

Extreme clarity and high definition audio that is expertly hand-crafted for your ears. Custom in-ear monitors from Luxetone use the same precision & reference quality components that audio engineers and performing artists use. Don't settle for anything less!